"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Theodore Roosevelt's famous proverb, paraphrased for this URL as a symbol of my interest in U.S. history.

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Mary Alice Zeman

Grannie passed away Nov. 27, 1999.



She wasn’t perfect, except in my eyes
A hard edge, a woman of her times
Love, unconditional, a mother.

Family, friends, Ray
She loved us all,
She shared her life with us.

Words written in the sand
"Doug and Dennis are here" she used to write
Making us feel so loved
These things I will remember.

Always there
A watchful grandmother when I was young
A proud relative at my graduations
A friend as I went off on my own.

Strong, strong-willed
Honest, sometimes bluntly so
Open, loving
She was Grannie. She loved Grandpa.

The world they traveled
Down the Danube
Into the Holy Land
To the Mayan Temples of yesterday
To the wine country of today
They traveled, together.

Watching and writing as Los Angeles grew up
They saw the Times come and the Herald go
Grandpa with the Times
Grannie with the Tidings
Together, chronicling the world around them
They loved each other.

Everybody loved MA
At the Horn campaign,
At the garden club,
At church,
They all loved her.
I loved her.

I miss you, Grannie.

- Doug